Leatest Fashion trends

When we talk about Fashion, we don’t just address the clothing trends across the globe but also trends in makeup fashion, homeware design, accessories, and people’s overall attitudes. The Fashion of a place is indicative of its people’s school of thought and provides a vantage point to explore more about the mindsets. People’s contemporary styles can instantly interpret any epoch, which shows just how powerful and all-encompassing Fashion is. Should you want to know about the standards of modesty, chastity, snobbery, and decency of a period, you would have to resort to the depiction of its fashion trends. A reflection can be found in Alexander Pope’s famous poem “Rape of lock”, a must-read by the way. In the poem, you find depictions of contemporary fashion trends reflecting the era’s social norms. 

Modern Fashion trends

Nowadays, the fashion industry has become all the more glamorous, daring and bold than it has ever been. That is a sheer manifestation of the fact that people are no more afraid of voicing their thoughts and doing whatever they want to do. Present-day Fashion is dynamic suggestive of the rapid evolution of global styles. 

Well, it would be extremely unfair to simply call Fashion a variable relying on the people around since we would also be bringing into the limelight the vital role of Fashion in transforming the lives of people of some era. We all are au fait that the way you dress influences how other people perceive you.

Keeping the fact in mind, we have certain outfits for every occasion, be it a wedding party, business meetings, school event, or friends outing, since we believe that a wrong robe would make us a misfit for the occasion. In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that Fashion sways people’s minds. We also come across such fashion icons whose aura influences the fashion trends, and their style becomes vogue.

Leatest Fashion trends
Leatest Fashion trends

Fashion Trends

These people have become entities in the world of Fashion and have millions of followers worldwide who turn to these icons in search of the latest trends, styles, and fashions. A few leading examples could be Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Mahira Khan. Their unique sense of style inspires fashion trends across the globe. No matter which of them you follow, there is one thing for certain, you will stand out. 

We also have certain interior décor trends, which are also trendy and in vogue besides being handy and easy to use. Also, we do have such decors, which are not very handy, but after all, they are in vogue, so we gotta adopt them. Right? 

This ever-growing fashion industry has also paved the path for different clothing designers, product designers, interior designers, and event managers. It’s really hard to choose one out of many splendid designer collections. Apart from that, we have thousands of fashion bloggers and eye-grabbing fashion weeks that win a massive audience from all over the world. 

Does the world actually needs Fashion

However, on the contrary, we must not neglect the fact that there are other people amongst us who are utterly indifferent to modern trends. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, a man with immense wealth yet indifferent from the present-day fashion trends. Bill Gates is also hardly seen wearing a branded watch or a belt. But these people are still famous even when they are not following any fashion trend. People consider them as revered entities and unparalleled even in their simplicity.

Here the question arises whether the world actually needs to be shaped by the present-day fashion trends, or is it perfectly normal to be yourself and do what you feel like doing? As a matter of fact, the party dresses that we often wear to special parties, the branded watches that we wear to flaunt the luxury that we possess, the expensive handbags that we buy especially to match our outfit, we don’t tend to wear them at home all day long.

Formal wears

As soon as the event is over, we get home, take off all that trendy stuff, and relax in our plain shirts and pajamas. Do we do that because we feel comfortable that way? And if we are more comfortable in a plain outfit, why do we invest so much in those formal wears? 

The discussion goes deep down to the fact that people are more inclined towards getting approved by society rather than satisfying themselves. That is also a major reason why people nowadays are suffering from mental health issues. I reckon self-contentment is imperative to lead a successful life. The trends anticipated by the brands around us have entangled us so much that we have abandoned the things that are actually worth our time. Fashion basically should be your personal aura, your style of carrying yourself. Instead of following others, we should start following our hearts. Be a hero/ heroine of your own life. I believe that the fashion trends around us should inspire us rather than blinding us. Anything that you wear gracefully becomes a style itself, and you be your icon. Unleash the stylist inside you. 

“I don’t do Fashion. I am Fashion. —Coco Chanel”

Also, We can deny that we do see certain celebrities coming with a simple outfit, a mediocre handbag, zero makeup, and it becomes on air the next day. People start picking it as a style, not fathoming that it was nothing but the grandeur of the person wearing it that made their eyes dazzle. So radically, it is not just Fashion that rules the world, but it is also those confident people who dare to take the reins in their hands and thus influence a large body.

Fashion is more like a medium to express yourself. So suit yourself. 

However, styling goes hand in hand. It is always recommended to dress elegantly and pursuant to the occasion since it keeps you active and boosts your confidence. As Bill CunningHam says,

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”.

Also, we can’t deny the saying of Rachel Zoe,

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”



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