Most of you have listened about the frequent use of spy app and monitoring software and maybe a regular user of it as well. But many others still might have no or little concept about it.

So today we are going to discuss some facts about the use of parental control or employee monitoring features for those who want to know about it more.

There is probably a solid chance that all of you will like these apps and features and will try to add them to your work or domestic life.

Well, we all use a smartphone, other smart gadgets like laptops, desktops, tablets, etc in our everyday life chores. These gadgets are used for daily routine tasks and we can not skip the fact that it is now impossible to live without them.

Then why not use these smart gadgets to make life a bit easier and less stress full by incorporating these spy app tools as well.

What’s The Fuss Is All About?

The mic bug feature uses the microphone of the target person’s device to keep a record fall the surrounding voices and sounds. The user then receives reports of all the voice records remotely by the OgyMogy spy app. The remotely listen to pc microphone feature can be used by employers to keep a check on the employees at the workplace or parents who need to know about the digital activities of teenagers or minors.

Not Bound To Just Pc:

The best part about the OgyMogy mic bug feature is that it is not just bound to desktop or laptops etc. One can use this feature for the android device as well and can listen to the target person surrounding voices through their cellphone or android devices.

Complete Remote Monitoring Make The Whole Process Worth Every Penny:

OgyMogy is cloud-based monitoring software. It means the whole surveillance data is saved on the online web based portal. Thus it is very easy to access the data at any given time. Users can remotely check the voice recording files and can even download any given file as well if they want. So no need to worry about the monitoring procedure or storage issues. All the monitoring files are saved on the dashboard and in real-time access with the help of a web service.

Here is how you can make better use of this feature in your domestic or work life.

Track Any Sloppy Employee:

The remotely listen to pc microphone feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app can be used to track all the lazy and sloppy employees at the workplace.

Listen to the target device surrounding and find out if any senior employee is trying to make others do their work.

Some time the interns or junior employees feel pressured to say their word out loud and are ground under an overburdened work schedule. Users can keep a thorough check on the employees and track all the ones who are abusing their power as senior employees.

Reports About Any Possible Oppressor :

Try to make the work environment a  little healthy and toxic-free by using the remotely listen to Pc microphone feature of the OgyMogy.

Find out about any social injustice like gender discrimination, race or color remarks, or any kind of matter that can affect the overall peace of the organization and the mental health of the victim in any slight way possible.  

Strict Eye On Teen’s Online Life:

One can use this feature to keep an eye on the online life of the teenager. You can listen to them while they play online games with friends or have skype calls with friends or family.

OgyMogy offers several features that can help anyone in the form of parental control app features or employee monitoring features in their lives. Not just it one can use this app for personal use as well. In short, each feature is useful in one way another, and the striking facts about the mic bug or remotely listen to the pc microphone feature can surely turn your world upside down.


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